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Since 1808, Fidelidade has protected the future of families, companies, and of Portugal itself. As market leader in the life and non-life segments, the insurance company brings its sheer size, solidity and credibility to join with innovation, as one of the company's core values. Its strategy is based on the development of innovative products, which could make the difference in people's lives.​​​


However, it is much more than this. In its DNA, Fidelidade has a special way of being part of a corporate society, with an uncommon awareness of service that, in many cases, leads the company to go the extra mile to protect people.

Fidelidade wants to be beside its clients at the most difficult moments, and also when it is really necessary. It wishes to set an example for others and also add  a human aspect to its brand and corporate activities. After all, its main mission is actually that of serving and giving support to its over two million clients, and also to carry out a mission that makes a real difference in society. This, so that life may never stop.

With the largest commercial network in the country, Fidelidade extends throughout the country, from North to South, with over 8,000 agents. Its strategy for expansion and internationalisation already takes in Spain, France, Luxembourg, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and Macao.

Now part of the universe of Fosun International Limited, Fidelidade now has new horizons for growth, diversification, and adding value to its project, and a unique opportunity to reinvent the concept of insurance in Portugal, expanding its supply and services to new clients, always with the seal of trust in the largest and the most solid insurance company in Portugal.


Company Name: Fidelidade - Companhia de Seguros, S.A.
Head Office: Largo do Calhariz, 30, P-1249-001 Lisbon, Portugal
Corporation Number: 500 918 880, registered under the same number at the Commercial Registry Office at Lisbon
Capital Stock: € 509.263.524,00

Organisation Chart: See here​​​​​​​​​