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The WeCare Commitment

At Fidelidade we deal with people every day. It is with people, as also with their families and society, that we have taken up our commitment.
Our clients trust us with their lives, and this is why we have to be at their side, in the most difficult moments and when this is really called for. We must not only comply with our obligations, must go beyond them. We must accompany and care for people throughout their lives.

We want to set an example for others. Human, with absolute integrity, carrying out transformations, and highly responsible. It all starts through having products and services that really protect people. However, our actions must take that step further, ensuring the sustainability of people and their families, through education, prevention, and construction of group conscience. In this way, we know that our business helps towards the development of a sustainable society, and that only in this way does our mission have a meaning. So that life may never stop!

WeCare | Fidelidade

An attitude. A way of being. Our commitment, so that life may never stop.

People's lives are worth more. For this reason, we have the Wecare Commitment, whose main goal is that of supporting physical rehabilitation and social reintegration of people who have accidents with serious consequences.
We would like to closely follow anyone who sees his or her life change overnight, by supporting these people and their families, helping to create new life projects. More than that, we would like to be at the side of these people, and help them make their dreams materialise. The law states that we have to pay compensation, but we realised that we had to do much more.
After a serious accident, everything changes. And the payment of compensation may not suffice to make sure that the people get their quality of living back. It was due to the vast experience in solution of such cases that Fidelidade decided to go well beyond its legal obligations, as they believe that people's lives are worth more. Fidelidade's main concern is people's lives.
The aim of this commitment is to provide support for the social, familial and professional reintegration of accident victims, marking the difference through closeness to people, on creating new life projects.

Physical Rehabilitation

​WeCare helps to create a life project according to people's expectations. Fidelidade's mission is that of integrating the person into society, while promoting an active accompaniment thereof.​

Familial and social reintegration

On recovering the person, we also recover a prospect for the future, not only for the accident victim, but also of the family. We would like to help the person to get reintegrated into society.

Professional Reintegration

The professional component is very important for professional accomplishment. The WeCare commitment is that of recovering the work position, and also to carry out personal projects.

Financial Sustainability

We help to rewrite the life projects, and ensure a future with a really happy ending. We help people to have a secure future.

The WeCare Commitment

Our clients trust their lives to us, and this is why we need to be by their sides at the most difficult moments, and when this is really called for. Not only comply with our obligations, but also to go that extra mile, well beyond our obligations. Accompany and care for people throughout their lives.


Know the actions that helped to mould Fidelidade's WeCare commitment

Launch of the book: "A Lagartixa Casadoira" (The Marrying Lizard)
On 8 January 2014, Fidelidade officially showcased the WeCare commitment, before many guests and journalists, and also had the launch of the book 'A Lagartixa Casadoira', by Maria Luísa Chaves . “A Lagartixa Casadoira” is the first book by Ms Chaves, a biologist, and tells the story of a mountain lizard that wanted to get married. More than just a story, this book is a dream that materialised, and also a declaration of the admirable courage and life force of the book's author.
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Launch of the book: "Telas de cor e amor" (Canvases of colour and love)
José António Rodrigues Caldeira is 50 years old, and is a painter. He paints with his mouth. A work accident, 30 years ago, left him tetraplegic, something which, from one moment to the next, changed his life. During this time, Fidelidade has been an eyewitness of the tremendous courage and life force of this man, and for this reason decided to support him in the materialisation of one of his wildest treams: writing a book about the story of his life.
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Exhibition: "Telas de cor e amor" (Canvases of colour and love)
The exhibition ”Telas de Cor e Amor” (Canvases of colour and love) was shown in Lisbon between 8 and 22 May. During the 17 years during which he lived in a special home, and with the help of his physiotherapist, José Caldeira started to paint with his mouth, and hence discovered a vocation which he didn't know he had. He started off painting drawings of landscapes which, slowly but surely, were given colour, movement, and life.
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