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Brands of the Group

The Fidelidade Group is active on the insurance market, commercialising products for all types of insurance, within a multibrand strategy and also through the largest and the most diversified network for the distribution of insurance products on the national market.​

Brands of the Group

Multicare started exclusively as the health insurance brand of the CGD Group. Considering the growth of the segment, and its strategic importance for the Group as a whole, on 9 March 2007 there was the establishment of the insurance company for the health sector, that would lead to the establishment of this brand.
Currently, Multicare is the brand of health insurance, and is supported by a set of Health Care Providers - Medical Network, that offers a wide range of solutions tailored to different clients' needs, through Individual and Group Plans. Multicare also brings othere solutions within the scope of health care, having, in May 2009, launched the Global Offer of Health (Oferta Global de Saúde - OGS). As market leader, Multicare has the main aim of coming up with innovative health solutions that adjust themselves to the market and to the development of society itself.
Founded in 1998, OK! teleseguros is the most important brand of the company by the name of Via Directa - Companhia de Seguros, S.A., which established itself as the insurance brokerage of the Fidelidade Group, specially for commercialisation of insurance plans through the Internet.  As market leader in the market segment of Companies that distribute their products through direct channels, we see that OK! teleseguros is also market leader in the area of Publicity Recollection for the whole insurance market, having held the post since 2001, and also the first direct company to have been certified as compliant with NP EN ISO 9001:2000 - "Systems of Quality Management".
As a result of its focus on innovation and technology, the Company was a pioneer in making available a simulation of the price of car insurance, and also on the sale of such insurance through the Internet, also being the first to be available on mobile devices. In 2011, OK! teleseguros saw the recognition of its capacity to innovate services to clients and society, through the distinctions made in the Green Products Awards, through the environmental advantages of the OK! GPS products, which made it part of the select list of products and services that promote sustainable development. 
As from 2012, OK! teleseguros widened its product range, and its portfolio then included not only car insurance, but also health services, residential multirisk insurance, personal accident insurance, and insurance against accidents in sports and on trips. In 2015, and with the sequence of several innovative initiatives such as digital acceptance, electronic invoices and the OK! Drive You app,  OK! teleseguros was granted two more distinctive awards – “CIO Awards”, of IDC, and “European Business Awards”, as the national winner.
Seeking to make insurance simple, accessible, and innovative, supported by new technologies, OK! teleseguros developed, and shall continue to develop, an access strategy for multiplatforms and innovative solutions, so as to allow greater comfort, simplicity and autonomy in access to simulation, entering into contracts, and management of insurance policies on the part of their clients.​
Fidelidade Property
Fidelidade Property is the brand of the Fidelidade Group for property management, not only those related to exploration by the Group and its distribution network, but also those of investment, both in Portugal and abroad.


GEP is the brand linked to provision of inspection services, for appraisal and investigation, not only with regard to cars but also for asset insurance, including industrial and engineering risks.

Fidelidade Car Service

This is the brand used by Cetra - Centro Ténico de Reparação Automóvel SA, which is the company group aimed at car repair services, especially in cases of collision, also being authorised to agree car rentals. 

Fidelidade Assistance

Fidelidade Assistance is the group brand representing services of Assistance and Judicial Protection, and is market leader in this segment in Portugal.


Safemode is the group brand for provision of consultancy services as also projects and technical audits, within the scope of prevention, protection, and security of people, assets, and the environment​.