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Social Dimension

Social sustainability is closely linked to our business purpose. As an insurer, our main purpose is to ensure a resilient society, prepared to face the major risks. Therefore, in the social pillar, our key action areas: Longevity, Health Prevention and Social Inclusion. 



Actively contribute towards improving the population's health, investing in programmes that promote and reward healthy life habits – Multicare Vitality;


Include Regular check-ups in our health insurances, allowing for rapid diagnosis;


Providing coverages that address the population's greatest concerns, such as oncology disease – Multicare Proteção Vital;


Promote Mental Health;


Provide telemedicine services, for quick and easy access to primary health care – Online Medicine.



Continue to go above and beyond our call of duty in supporting our most severely injured people – Wecare Commitment;


Provide products and services that suit the less favoured segments of the population, promoting a more inclusive protection;


In the area of social responsibility, continue to develop volunteer programmes and donation policies, as well as a biennial award - Fidelidade Community Award, for institutions with projects in the three areas of activity. The main focus of our support goes beyond the financial contribution, centring on active and regular monitoring of the institutions, fostering their capacity to maximise the impact generated in Society.