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We have been preparing the future for over 200 years. A future that calls for action today, so that tomorrow may be lived with comfort by those who are born today, those who are young, those who are adults, those who keep going with the same free spirit, at any age.

The essence of our activity carries within it great purposes: to prevent and reduce risks, to create innovative solutions and to improve business performance, to ensure the well-being and protection of people, as well as their assets.

Thus, we are a pillar of sustainability, aware of the structural challenges that require our immediate action, whether demographic in nature, such as increased longevity and the ageing of the population, or those resulting from climate change. We must maintain our relevant social role, but reach further and prepare for the future, impacting the sustainability of the planet and the resilience of society, with all our employees, partners and customers.


With all our collaborators, partners and customers, we assume an important social role: