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Responsability Ranking ESG

Fidelidade in the top 20 National

Merco 2022, the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor



Fidelidade was considered one of the most sustainable companies in Portugal. According to Merco, the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor, Fidelidade is in the Top 20 of the 100 most responsible companies in terms of ESG, ranking 1st among insurance companies in the general ranking and the 3 areas, and 1st among all financial companies in the ranking.

By reaching the leading position of the ranking in the insurance sector, at the ESG responsibility level, Fidelidade sees its efforts to build a more sustainable society recognised.

As market leader, Fidelidade is committed to creating products that address structural questions concerning the main pillars of society's future sustainability, concerning savings, health, wealth and assistance. Adding to this is a drive for healthy lifestyle habits, playing a positive influencing role on over 2 million customers.

For over 215 years preparing the future, the transition to a more sustainable business is a path that is being followed, with increasingly ambitious goals and levels. Starting from within, in the way we deal with and care for our people, Fidelidade is committed to playing a decisive role in the structural problems affecting society as a whole. 

Fidelidade is truly committed to its customers, and to society in general, by developing practical and effective initiatives to build a society with a better and more sustainable future.

Promoted by Merco, the reference for Ibero-America, the ranking of the 100 most responsible companies in terms of ESG, assesses the companies that, in 2022, have best fulfilled the environmental, social and governance factors, giving rise to a general list and another three specific ones for each of the ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance).