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Be a Fidelidade client manager

Fidelidade believes in itself, and well knows that this could be the opportunity to start an enticing career as a Client Manager. Join a competitive yet demanding sector which could bring you prestige, credibility, acknowledgement, and financial gain.​​

Fidelidade Client Manager


Our constant aim is that of renewing and expanding the network of mediators, with the guiding north being the tradition and the experience that we have in this area, thereby making sure of the demands of the exercising of this activity, to cater to the needs of our clients, who expect us to provide the best sales service and also the best assistance.

the clients are the centre of our business activities

It is for the clients that we work nearly every day, and for this reason being a Fidelidade Client is, first and foremost, being an entrepreneur, and betting on interpersonal relationships, always being available, promoting and offering our solutions, and deserving the trust that clients have deposited in us!

«Goal Nº1: Always reach the  goals, through constant qualification, as essential to the project
 Goal Nº2: The shop. With the progress of the project, and goals overcome, I then start to "dream" of the opening of the shop. This is definitely the icing on the cake!
 Goal Nº3: Grow in terms of qualification and profissionalism; grow in terms of volume, and grow, grow, grow...»
-Paulo Loureiro


What we have to offer in our programme for initial acceptance and qualification
  • Your qualification as an Insurance Mediator
  • Acquisition and consolidation of technical, commercial and behavioural skills in different areas, including Insurance Techniques, Sales, and computer solutions
  • The qualification continues for 3 years as a Fidelidade Client Manager

«The process of qualification is the main surplus value of this project, provided this is linked to a commercial team of excellence»
-Ana Trindade Bolsa


You are never alone when trailing this process. This accompaniment does not end in the initial qualification phase, and for this reason we make the following available:
  • Integration, in a team of Fidelidade Client Managers
  • Inclusion in one of our Mediator Centres, which shall make sure you are constantly mentored while in the terrain, by means of a highly qualified commercial team, exclusively dedicated to dynamisation


Your financial return depends on your commercial development.
The Programme of Fidelidade Client Managers offers you the following benefits:
  • Commissions for sales of our products and services
  • An additional set of perks, exclusive to Fidelidade Client Managers, which include monthly prizes, special annual bonuses, and bonuses for productivity
  • An opportunity to be part of one of the largest networks of Franchise Shops and Exclusive Fidelidade Points of Sale


What you need to know before you apply
If you wish to join this team and start a successful career, prioritising people and your own well-being, then you need to bring together the following characteristics:
  • Be between 25 and 45 years old (preferably)
  • Year 12 or University student or graduate
  • You need to be ambitious, and have entrepreneurial spirit
  • Good initiative and communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • You must be oriented to business and sales
  • Strictness of personal organisation
  • Honesty, integrity, and ethics
  • Self-discipline
  • Availability


Each candidate shall be subjected to a strict selection process, comprising the following phases:
  • Evaluation of CV
  • Presentation of the Programme
  • Behaviour Assessment Test
  • Individual Interview


We believe in you, and we well know that this could be the opportunity to start an alluring career, in a competitive and demanding market segment, in a competitive yet demanding segment that can guarantee that you have prestige, credibility, acknowledgement, and financial return.

Send us your CV, by e-mail to:​